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Let's reinvent the calculator for 21st century...

Designed exclusively for today's touch-screen devices, this calculator app represents a groundbreaking paradigm shift, leaving behind the outdated design patterns of mechanical calculators. We have meticulously crafted a new design from scratch, keeping modern touch-screen devices at the forefront of our innovation.

• Tape Log: All your calculations are securely stored in the tape log, ensuring you never lose track of your numerical journey.
• Calculation Management: Effortlessly reuse, copy, or share calculations to integrate them seamlessly into your work or daily life.
• Formula Evaluation: Enter entire formulas in one line for swift and accurate evaluation, simplifying complex calculations.
• iPad Multitasking: Experience true productivity with iPad multitasking support, enabling you to perform calculations while using other apps through Slide Over and Split View.

Calculator Pro represents a powerful departure from traditional calculators, offering a tailored experience for touch-screen devices. Download now and embrace a new era of calculations with maximum control and power at your fingertips.